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Practice Chanters

Practice Chanters

Our Walsh Practice chanters are made from Plastic or African Blackwood. The Plastic Chanters come in three sizes : Small ( Child's ) Regular length and Long. The Blackwood Chanter is available in the Regular length as well as the long. Each chanter has a threaded reed seat, countersunk holes and includes a Walsh Practice Chanter reed. John spends time with each chanter to insure it is in tune before it leaves our workshop.


** If you order the African Blackwood Chanter and it is to be shipped outside of Canada we will include an Official Certificate from CITES Canada as Blackwood is now on the Endangered Species List ( CITES ) 



  • Standard Practice Chanter Reed

    Standard Practice Chanter Reed

    Hand crafted plastic practice chanter reeds made in house by John Walsh. Suitable for all sizes of practice chanters.

  • Walsh Child's Practice Chanter

    Walsh Child's Practice Chanter

    Walsh Plastic Child's practice chanter- threaded reed seat with Walsh practice chanter reed.Counter sunk holes and shortened top section. Great for wee beginners age 6 to 9 years.

  • Walsh Long Practice Chanter

    Walsh Long Practice Chanter

    Walsh Plastic long practice chanter has finger spacing similar to the GHB pipe chanter. Hempless , built in water trap,threaded reed seat and countersunk holes. Our long practice chanter comes with the Walsh practice chanter reed.
  • Walsh Plastic Pipe Chanter

    Walsh Plastic Pipe Chanter

    Quality plastic pipe chanter for the highland pipes made by John Walsh. Good for bands and soloists of all levels.
  • Walsh Regular Practice Chanter

    Walsh Regular Practice Chanter

    Walsh Plastic regular length practice chanter : hempless , with built in water trap and counter sunk holes - made in house . Comes with Walsh practice chanter reed.
  • Walsh Starter Kit

    Walsh Starter Kit

    Walsh Plastic Regular length practice chanter - countersunk holes - water trap - threaded reed seat , and Walsh practice chanter reed. Comes with additional Walsh PC reed , College of Piping Vol 1 Tutor Book with CD. Long length practice chanter available as an option.