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Practice Chanters

Our chanters are made from Plastic and we are now introducing a New Look wooden chanter. John and I are pleased to say it is an Eco-Friendly Hardwood Practice Chanter. The Plastic Chanters come in three sizes : Small ( Child's ) Regular length and Long. The Eco-Friendly Hardwood Chanter is available in the Regular length as well as the long size. Each chanter has a water trap, threaded reed seat, countersunk holes and includes a Walsh Practice Chanter reed. John spends time with each chanter to insure it is in tune before it leaves our workshop.


  SKU Product Our price
stprcr Standard Practice Chanter Reed CA$10.95
wchprc Walsh Child's Practice Chanter CA$95.00
wbwpc Walsh Eco-Friendly Hardwood Practice Chanter CA$310.00
wlhprc Walsh Long Practice Chanter CA$120.00
wppc Walsh Plastic Pipe Chanter CA$240.00
wrhprc Walsh Regular Practice Chanter CA$105.00
bpsk Walsh Starter Kit CA$145.00