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Small Pipes & Retro Pipes

Our Small Pipes and Retro Pipes are hand crafted from Plastic and /or Eco-Friendly Hardwood.We have three basic models in the Key of A / B♭ and D. We also make an A/D Combination Set . The physical size of the chanter reflects the Key to which it is tuned. The A Chanter is the largest followed by the B flat and the D chanter is the shortest and is similar in size to the Child's practice chanter. The drone reeds are synthetic and built in to the bottom of each drone on the plastic pipes.Each set is meticulously tuned and balanced by John before it leaves our workshop.  SAMPLE AUDIO

*** Please note : We are now using Eco-Friendly Hardwood for our Chanter upgrade. 

  SKU Product Our price
A-2000 Deposit A-2000 Small Pipe CA$100.00
A/D Combo Deposit A/D Combination Small Pipe CA$100.00
adjbpsp Adjustable Blowpipe for Small Pipes or Shuttle Pipes CA$95.00
Bb-2000 Deposit Bb-2000 Small Pipe CA$100.00
bellows Bellows Conversion Kit CA$415.00
D-2000 Deposit D-2000 Small Pipe CA$100.00
RPPB Replacement bag for Small Pipes and Shuttle Pipes CA$139.00
retrt Replacement Tongues for Retro Pipe CA$18.00
smprt Replacement Tongues for Small Pipes CA$27.00
smprt-AD Replacement Tongues for Small Pipes- A/D combo CA$36.00
Retro Deposit Retro Small Pipes CA$100.00
rep_mpspad Shuttle Pipe or Small Pipe Plastic Mouth piece CA$21.00