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Retro Small Pipes


PRICE IS DEPOSIT ONLY. Remainder will be billed when product is shipped.
Our price


Price is $560.00 Canadian Funds. .Retro Small Pipes are in the Key of A, Bb, or D • Deposit  is $100 as Confirmation of the order.

Mouthblown small pipe in the Key of A, Bflat or D with well-balanced Tenor and Bass Drones. Plastic Parts including drone reeds which are built-into each drone individually. Compact water trap in the blowpipe stock. Easy to play small pipe with very little maintenance. Please remember to select the Key.

You can upgrade: Blackwood Chanter • Adjustable Blowpipe • Bellows Blown Setup • Bellows and Bellows Adaptor Setup. 

Waiting time is approximately 16 to 20 weeks. 

PRICE OF $100.00 IS THE DEPOSIT. The balance is due when the set has been manufactured.