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Walsh Great Highland Bagpipes

Our Great Highland Bagpipes are Hand Crafted from African Blackwood or Plastic. We have four basic styles to choose from : JWB Button Mount with a small Blackwood projecting mounts or Imitation Ivory Projecting mounts / JWB Standard Set with Full Projecting Mounts in a choice of Imitation Ivory, Imitation Horn ,Full Blackwood or Bloodwood . JWB Hand Engraved Nickel with a choice of two patterns - Thistle or Celtic Knot / and finally the JWB Plastic GHB with mounts. Our instruments are generally set up Ready to Play. Our basic styes have pricing included however if you might be interested in upgrading with some of the options listed please contact us for a price quotation.

*** Please note : African Blackwood is being added to the Endangered Species List ( CITES ). As of now we are uncertain what effect this will have on the final price of our Great Highland Bagpipes ( if any )  due to the Certification Certificates which will be required in 2017.   


  SKU Product Our price
jwb_butn JWB Button Mount CA$200.00
ghb_henickel JWB Hand Engraved Nickel 17 pcs CA$200.00
jwp JWB Plastic Set CA$200.00
jwb_stndrd JWB Standard CA$200.00