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Bb-2000 Small Pipe


PRICE IS DEPOSIT ONLY. Remainder will be billed when product is shipped.
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Bb-2000 Small Pipe • Price $799.00 Canadian funds • Deposit $100

Mouthblown Smallpipe in the Key of Bb full and well-balanced with bass, baritone and tenor drones. Plastic Parts including the drone reeds which are “built into” each drone individually. Walsh Drone Adaptor which enables easy access to the drone reeds. Compact water trap in the blowpipe stock.

You can upgrade to the following : Eco-Friendly Hardwood Chanter • Adjustable Blowpipe • Bellows Blown Setup • Bellows and Bellows Adaptor Setup • Customize with Hand Engraved Nickel Stock Ferrules in the Celtic Thistle or Thistle Pattern.

Waiting time is approximately 5 to 6 months.

PRICE OF $100.00 IS THE THE DEPOSIT. The balance is due when the small pipes have been manufactured.