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A/D Combination Small Pipe


PRICE IS DEPOSIT ONLY. Balance is due when the pipes are completed and ready for shipment.
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A/D Combo Small Pipe • Price $1180.00 Canadian funds • Deposit $100 Waiting time is approximately 12-16 weeks.

The A/D Combination Small pipe is in the Key of A and D and comes with 2 separate pipe chanters each with its own reed protector. The Combination drone works as a D bass drone and as an A baritone drone.The drone reeds are “built into” the end of each drone and work as synthetic reeds. The Walsh Drone Adaptor enables easy access to the drone reeds. The D Chanter is similar in size to the child's practice chanter (5.5 inches from the centre of the High A hole to the Low A hole). There is a compact water trap in the blowpipe stock and the bag is Synthetic. Each set is Setup and tuned by John before it leaves our workshop. Ready to Play.

Upgrades Include : Eco-Friendly Hardwood Chanters • Adjustable Blowpipe • Bellows Blown Setup • Bellows and Bellows Adaptor Setup • Customise with Hand Engraved Nickel stock ferrules ( thistle or celtic knot pattern).

PRICE OF $100.00 IS THE DEPOSIT. The balance is due when the pipes are complete and ready for shipment.