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3-Drone Shuttle Pipe


PRICE IS DEPOSIT ONLY. Remainder will be billed when product is shipped.
Our price


3-Drone • Price $739.00 Canadian funds • Deposit $100 Waiting time at present is approximately 12-16 weeks. 

Mouthblown in the Key of A with a Bass, Baritone and Tenor drone.Our Shuttle pipe is setup Ready to Play with a full and well-balanced sound The Shuttle pipe blends well with the piano and fiddle.The chanter is plastic and the fingering is the same as the GHB . The plastic reeds are made on house. The wood used is Maple and the finish can be a natural (honey blond) or medium brown wood stain.We have a small water trap in the blowpipe stock. The pipe bag is synthetic and the mouthpiece can be either: oval or round. 

You can upgrade to the following : Eco-Friendly Hardwood Chanter • Adjustable Blowpipe • Bellows Blown Setup • Bellows and Bellows Adaptor Setup • Customize with Hand Engraved Nickel Stock Ferrules.

PRICE of $100.00 IS THE DEPOSIT. The balance is due when the order is ready for shipment.