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Walsh Blackwood Practice Chanter

Blackwood top lined with plastic sleeve, water trap, standard practice chanter reed, hemped, countersunk holes, Imitation Ivory or Blackwood Sole

215.00 Cdn

Walsh Plastic Practice Chanters

Child, long, and regular Walsh practice chanters (left)

Long - Hempless with water trap

$89.00 Cdn

Regular - Hempless with water trap $72.00 Cdn
Child - Hemped $72.00 Cdn

College of Piping
Tutor Book
Part 1

$41.95 Cdn

Starter Kit

Walsh Plastic regular length practice chanter with water trap, practice chanter reed, cloth chanter cover, College of Piping  Tutor Book (Part 1) with CD.

$111.00 Cdn

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